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TOM, DICK AND HARRY Trinity Players, Sutton Arts Theatre, Sutton Coldfield THIS is a brave and successful production by Jane Aston and Gary Simmons - brave, because only three of the cast of ten had been onstage before, and successful because the newcomers' burgeoning enthusiasm enables them to cope effervescently with the fun-filled skills of writers Ray and Michael Cooney.
With the most recent pieces, one almost has the impression that oxygen is bubbling up through a liquid, that small brightly iridescent particles are dancing effervescently to the surface or sinking to the bottom in slow motion.
In stark contrast "ITV2's" Paris Hilton is a sparkling revelation, effervescently racking up the tension in the entertainment - category.
Wonderfully weighted string chords introduced solemnly carolling winds (this was to be a programme where woodwinds would be prominent, and how well they played, despite having only one permanent section principal), before the main movement bubbled away effervescently in this most Mozartean of Beethoven overtures.
Though DeGroot writes clearly, even effervescently, without resort to the arcane vocabulary of cultural theory, he appears to harbor some of the suspicion of modern technology that moves so many critics of the neoliberal capitalist globalism that triumphed in the Cold War.
U-Fit boss John Armstrong with his Napoleonic delusions and bicycle metaphors - plus his effervescently mad wife Ann - are more comedy than most series can handle.