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On the other hand, I've always been happy to help plan others' weddings, to assist the bride in determining whether her figure would best be flattered by a drop, natural, or empire waist, whether her skin tone would glow most effervescently in "cream" or "petal," "oyster" or "true white." I would, after opening an invitation to someone else's wedding, bring my hands near my face and make flighty little claps at the news.
From his humble beginnings in his hometown of Cordoba, to a sprawling career in London, Pena is always effervescently moving about, and this week he is in Beit Mery for the Al-Bustan Festival to perform a show about, quite fittingly, being on the move.
He said that students, in tandem with their academic activities, were effervescently involved in serving the masses.
Likewise Seamus Coleman - tremendous against Chelsea in the FA Cup at the weekend, the Irishman toiled manfully but struggled to find much end-product last night, and cannot sparkle so effervescently every week.
Describing the elder Hirsches' narratives on a trip back to their native city, they write: "It [the crossroads where they had avoided deportation in 1941] is less a location than a transitional space where the encounter between generations, between past and present, between nostalgic and traumatic memory, can momentarily, effervescently, be staged" (p.