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Fotherington-Smythe, who is regarded by many rugby historians as the most effete man ever to play the game, ended the match in disgrace.
The differences are spirited defenses of aesthetic understanding: effete trout fishermen vs.
But Pavarotti, who succumbed to cancer yesterday at age 71, demolished once and for all the image of the effete tenor.
as the effete, womanizing scandal maven of fin de siecle Vienna, "Klimt" is not, of course, your standard-issue artist biopic.
Forcing the taxpayers of the state of Florida to subsidize bar preparation fees in furtherance of this shamelessly effete, morally bereft, and bankrupt "skin color diversity" program would have added further injustice to injury.
In an age filled with doughty explorers like Byrd, Peary, and Amundson, all of whom made the fictional Indiana Jones seem effete, Shackleton wins the prize for leadership and courage, hands down.
The Never Run Another Effete Intellectual from Massachusetts for President Ever Again Act.
The ceremony itself will take place in the fairytale castle that is Stormont, and will be attended by several effete young men and hirsute, butch women (but enough of the PSNI).
This Event actually made our world of many militarised nations Effete.
However, by the time Hollywood got hold of the story, the dominant mythic type of the 'American Hero' had become the frontiersman, and (as mentioned in "Sleeping with the Enemy", Fall 2003) civilised traits were coded as effete by contrast Duncan, chiefly because of his uniform, was changed from a Virginian to a British regular.
Those effete brainiacs are gonna pay for their hubris.
From the effete campiness of many seminarians and clerics, to the heretical books passing as foundational texts at Catholic colleges, few late-20th-century Catholics involved in Catholic apostolate or study could have failed to observe the symptoms of a disorder.