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Brown sees himself as Maximus Decimus Meridius: a brave warrior who defeated the Barbarian horde (the Tories), only to find his power usurped by an effete upstart (Tonius Blairius).
The Yeti is a solid-looking car echoing more the boxy lines of the old Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon than the more effete coupe style of other cross-over vehicles.
There was even a suggestion that a bit of passion in Number 10 is a good thing (and far preferable to those effete Eton manners displayed by David Cameron's lot).
New Labour has been pathetically effete, forgiving all of its sons and daughters for their misdemeanours, elevating many to peerages, which must make Tony Benn feel betrayed by his own.
film starred Humphrey Bogart as private investigator Sam Spade, Mary Astor as his femme fatale client, Sydney Greenstreet in his film debut as Kasper Gutman and Peter Lorre as an effete treasure hunter.
Stay bold, we shopping ladies are all effete, our sex a bird beating our ribs with flutter and flash.
They believe the warning about inefficiency - artd the effete of the fuel crisis on Rover sales - "could spell disaster for the plant.
The ineffectuality beggars belief, as it is attacked with effete platitudes
Fotherington-Smythe, who is regarded by many rugby historians as the most effete man ever to play the game, ended the match in disgrace.
But Pavarotti, who succumbed to cancer yesterday at age 71, demolished once and for all the image of the effete tenor.
Forcing the taxpayers of the state of Florida to subsidize bar preparation fees in furtherance of this shamelessly effete, morally bereft, and bankrupt "skin color diversity" program would have added further injustice to injury.
In reality, it was the Athenians--laughable, effete "philosophers" to the Spartans of this film--who subsequently defeated the Persian navy at the Battle of Salamis, turning the tide of the war.