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Roselli, "The Self-image of Effeteness: Physical Education and Nationalism in Nineteenth-century Bengal," 121-48, and M.
Excited that they dis his oeuvre as "entertainment" instead of "literature," he pronounces, au contraire, that his novel heralds no less than "a revolution in content rather than in form about to sweep the arts in America, a revolution that would soon make many prestigious artists, such as our three old novelists, appear effete and irrelevant." (For a dandy in a white suit and spats, the maestro is pretty preoccupied with the problem of "effeteness.") The future belongs, he rants, to popular fellows like himself, Steinbeck, and Zola, who plunge "whole-heartedly into the social reality" of their time rather than wallow in alienated inwardness, out-of-it aestheticism, or weird fantasy.
She revealed effeteness and apathy among the titled classes by giving us Sir Walter Elliot, the Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple, and Lady Catherine; she was alert to the same symptoms disp layed by the landed gentry, most notably Mr.
As before, Conrad doubles back and carefully removes any possible manifestation of effeteness, often using the instance to effectively redouble Marlow's ostensible manhood.
(2.) Sharon O'Brien writes, "During the late nineteenth century--the 1890's in particular--many Americans combated their fear of overcivilization, effeteness, and fin-de-siecle decadence by embracing the cult of manhood, strenuous living, and military vigor for which...
This substitution of energyless wondering for action is a gesture of effeteness, a comic lassitude.
One person thinks that its merit is determined by its grace, and the other thinks that its demerit is determined by its effeteness. The difference then devolves on a disagreement about whether the agreed non-aesthetic features determine grace (and thus merit) as opposed to effeteness (and thus demerit).
Since it is not always possible to discern false whites, Moreau suggests traits like effeteness, weakness, or debilitation.
Provincial writers took from Baxter's address praise for themselves as initiators of the true path for New Zealand writing, and vindication of all their efforts to throw out Late Colonial effeteness and to 'create' New Zealand for its people.
It reflected a German tradition of hostility to the Enlightenment which culminated in the 'Ideas of 1914', but it also represented a kind of self-hatred on the part of some academics, a feeling of effeteness in the face of the crude energy of this new ultra-nationalist movement which was apparently welling up from the depths of the nation.
Witty and self-indulgent, Wilde cultivated an image of effeteness with his velvet knee-pants and large carnation in his buttonhole.
Wells's first novel, despite its exuberant style, is a delineation of unfulfilled hope in which the Time Traveler's dreams for a future founded upon scientific technology and social organization are dashed by a vision of humankind reduced to a level of brutality or effeteness, then finally extinguished.