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Studies using hamsters evaluated the efficacious dose, dose duration and therapeutic use of parenteral BCX4430 in the treatment of yellow fever infection.
The purpose of the proposed Phase IIb doseranging trial is to determine the minimum efficacious dose for MCT-125 prior to commencing a pivotal Phase III trial.
viruses, medication, lifestyle factors, environmental chemicals) that contribute to the development of autism and their associated developmental windows; 3) identification of the biologic and/or behavioral markers to develop indices of risk for the development of autism in infants; 4) intervention methods for infants and toddlers developed to lower the age for which there are efficacious interventions; 5) multisite randomized clinical trials to identify moderators and effective ingredients (e.
The care must be warranted and efficacious for the specific condition(s) in light of the individual's general bio-psycho-social status and values.
Also, self-efficacy beliefs strongly determine and predict individual accomplishments (Bandura, Barbaranelli, Caprara, and Pastorelli, 2001), and individuals who feel efficacious are more likely to persist longer on a task and set challenges for themselves (Plourdes, 2002).
Some comments from the counselor educators (N = 2) who identified a college-based clinical setting as most efficacious for school counselor preparation included, "My current practicum students report that much of their time at the school is occupied doing meaningless, errand type tasks," "Another issue is .
Of course, Freud saw hysterics," however efficacious for the hysteric, would render oral cultures mute, because they have only the body to record and transmit history.
Treatment with NB-311 lamps reduces the potential for an erythemal response, while still providing an efficacious treatment modality.
Before leaving the list of efficacious government enterprises, one should not miss the most obvious and proud State ability, namely, the exercise of killing large numbers of people in short periods of time within basically stationary geographical boundaries.
due to the company's ability to maintain a solid earnings performance and efficacious business strategy.
This important new drug to treat BPH appears to be quite efficacious but less likely to cause the serious and common side effects associated with the presently available drugs," said Phillip Frost, M.
The Basic Science Project Director will report directly to TAG's Senior Policy Director and will work closely with other TAG policy and program staff and consultants, developing and implementing advocacy strategies to ensure the most expeditious, ethical and efficacious development of useful new drugs, biologics, treatment regimens and strategies to treat HIV in the USA and internationally.