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Being a high end camera efficaciously producing ultra-professional, results the cameras have generated a lot of interest ever since the launch.
I can clearly say that the government has suspended the process efficaciously.
Whether it's by telemedicine or face to face, patients are getting treated in an integrated way, and we're doing it as efficaciously as possible.
Part of the electoral backlash against the PAP in the elections of 2011-13 can be attributed to the loosening relevance of the grand overarching nationalist narrative that resonated so efficaciously three decades ago.
d has set within his Church a visible sign, by which the divine dialogue which he has initiatedthe word of salvation inviting the response of faithis sacramentally, and therefore efficaciously, represented.
When analyzing how to inform customers efficaciously it is significant to examine the whole data route, and the functions that the various participants can have along the way.
Gaunson takes us efficaciously to the issue of censorship.
Premise 1: If two interventions can both efficaciously and effectively address a public health or health policy issue, the intervention least restrictive of personal liberties ought to be preferred (by PLRA).
To address efficaciously all of the potential factors that drive young people to use, a multidisciplinary approach is best.
In 1820 the Russian Foreign Minister Capodistrias framed the issues as follows: "when the internal relations of the state take an offensive character towards neighboring states, there is a right to act efficaciously to contain the contagions.
Prostaglandin mediated inflammatory pain is more specifically and efficaciously treated by NSAIDS than opiods.
The strong capacity of the Commission has been recognized by other donors, who also recognize that if SIDA had not made the core support and technical assistance for the staff possible, they would not have had a capable partner who could efficaciously absorb their funds and undertake productive donor-funded activities.