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Efficax Energy : Technology that makes it possible to connect new solar panels to the existing heating system in a house, thereby helping reduce the investment cost for solar energy and making it available to the masses.
983: "Videtur autem quod Aristotelis ratio non sit efficax.
A long section of the book is devoted to analyzing some key concepts of the Jansenist doctrine: the everyday marvelous, the gratia efficax, and the hidden God.
In terms of the theological controversy they are anchored on the one side to a definition of the sacrament as a signum efficax (efficient sign) and on the other to "personal faith" as an indispensable precondition without which the one baptism is simply not what it claims to be.
In another footnote he quoted the Reformer to this effect: "Non enim dicit [Paulus], Charitas est efficax, sed, Fides est efficax; non, Charitas operatur, sed, Fides operatur.