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Gas-fired preheaters have thermal efficiencies of 60%, which is lower than furnace efficiency, however the use of relatively inexpensive gas reduces net operating costs;
Now they report efficiencies above those of current LEDs from a new family of materials called poly(cyanoterephthalylidene)s.
Power amplifier efficiencies of at least 50% are essential to achieving these targets, and Nujira has a clear lead over other vendors in providing commercially-available solutions to address this urgent need.
NYSE Arca: RZ), an energy technology company that develops and licenses advanced electric motor, controller and related technologies, today announced performance test results of its Symetron(TM) FlexMod controller technology designed for reducing costs and improving efficiencies in a wide variety of variable speed industrial applications including heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).
We are extremely pleased to award these organizations with a Select Practice designation and hope that the Select Practice reports will contribute to the nation's effort to improve efficiencies and ultimately, the quality of patient care.
The DTS / Coding Technologies transcoding scheme is the product of a major strategic development initiative between the two companies, and integrates the unparalleled efficiencies of Coding Technologies' MPEG-4 HE-AAC (aka aacPlus) development -- an integral part of the MPEG open standard -- with the high quality, transparent decoding of DTS' Coherent Acoustics algorithm, running at 1.
Combined with Doherty Power Amplifiers, PMC-Sierra's PALADIN(R) 20 Drives Greater Than 40% Power Efficiencies with 20 MHz of Bandwidth for 3G and WiMAX, cutting Energy Costs by 50%