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In large part, the reason Arizona's Energy Efficiency Standard has worked is due to requirements the commission has placed on utilities.
Arizonans support energy efficiency. According to an energy poll we released earlier this year,nearly seven-in-ten (68 percent) Arizona voters agree that regulations applied to utility providers, such as Arizona Public Service, Tucson Electric Power, UNS Energy Corporation, or Salt River Project should be increased to ensure they are offering energy efficiency to all their customers.
Total annual utility spending on energy efficiency programs has increased seven-fold since 1996.
Consumer choices?/ With respect to the argument that consumers would adopt energy-saving measures on their own if the measures were truly efficient, the obvious response is, "Then why haven't they?" There is plenty of cost-effective energy efficiency improvement available to be captured by energy efficiency programs year after year.
This study was designed to estimate cost efficiency of rice farmers located in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam and further to identify the determinants to cost efficiency.
Keywords: Efficiency, Economic Integration, Input-Output, Growth
Once adopted, the state registry of energy efficiency certificates of buildings will be maintained.
In Maryland, newly passed legislation requires electric utilities to save 2 percent of energy annually through cost-effective energy efficiency, through 2023.
Gunther Newcombe, OGA operations director, said: "Industry's combined persistence and focus on increased production efficiency in the UKCS has delivered an additional 12 million barrels in the past 12 months.
So the performance measurement is necessary for this purpose as the efficiency is the only criteria for organizations to remain in business.
At present, the most commonly used methods for evaluating the input–output efficiency of hospitals are ratio analysis (RA), stochastic frontier analysis (SFA), and data envelopment analysis (DEA).[sup][4],[5],[6],[7] A considerable proportion of domestic researchers has adopted those three methods in the evaluation of hospital efficiency.
Authors [1] worked on the technical efficiency of classrooms.