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By definition, the better we communicate, the more efficiently we can operate.
With its full proxy design, BIG-IP can efficiently isolate clients from the server-side flows and independently maintain optimal performance for each connecting device, translating communications between systems for improved application performance and security.
Tivoli Storage Manager is a very cost effective solution to efficiently handle offsite storage and disaster recovery and quickly restore data.
The Los Angeles Times case is just one example of how Open AdStream uses hardware more efficiently than other competitive ad-servers, saving the customer in hardware costs over the long run, while providing the most advanced ad-serving technology on the market.
However, effective January 12, 2003, development and maintenance of GSA's Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) currently in FTS, will be combined into FSS contract development centers to ensure appropriate coordination and to efficiently meet the rapidly growing needs of our customer agencies.
But with the advent of new high-tech tools, industry professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to work more efficiently by eliminating the disconnects in communication and eradicating human error.