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EFFIGY, crim. law. The figure or representation of a person.
     2. To make the effigy of a person with an intent to make him the object of ridicule, is a libel. (q.v.) Hawk. b. 1, c. 7 3, s. 2 14 East, 227; 2 Chit. Cr. Law, 866.
     3. In France an execution by effigy or in effigy is adopted in the case of a criminal who has fled from justice. By the public exposure or exhibition of a picture or representation of him on a scaffold, on which his name and the decree condemning him are written, he is deemed to undergo the punishment to which he has been sentenced. Since the adoption of the Code Civil, the practice has been to affix the names, qualities or addition, and the residence of the condemned person, together with an extract from the sentence of condemnation, to a post set upright in the ground, instead of exhibiting a portrait of him on the scaffold. Repertoire de Villargues; Biret, Vo cab.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Right in the middle of the plaza, men drag the effigy of Judas and put a rope over his head to be attached to the triangular bamboo poles.
An aerial view of a 36ft effigy of Boris Johnson which will be burned at an annual bonfire celebration
A large number of people were watching the Ravana effigy in flames while standing along the railway tracks when the train crushed them.
ito may State of the National Address (SONA), gawain ninyo yan pero wag kayo maghingi ng tulong sa akin (You burn my effigy, but you ask for houses from me, are you crazy?
In the effigy, Modi is seen sitting on a large diamond.
They denounced Trump's insulting remarks against Pakistan and said that 'Trump should refrain from giving such statements and take practical steps against terrorism.' The protesters burnt Trump's effigy.
Burned at a fireworks display in the town, 30 miles south of London, the effigy also showcased Trump sporting a pair of Mexico-themed boxer shorts, a dig at the nominee's stand against undocumented immigrants from the neighboring country.
The 50-feet-high effigy of Ravana will not be set on fire this year.
SUTHERLIN - Motorists traveling Interstate 5 near Sutherlin are getting an eyeful of election season ugliness this week after a Douglas County man hanged an effigy of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from a crane on his property.
THE head of Guy Fawkes's old school has called for an end to the "barbaric" act of setting fire to his effigy on Bonfire Night.
On swinging the body towards him he discovered it was a stuffed effigy, complete with Wellington boots and sou'wester.
IN a recent Journal, Andrew Lapping somewhat pompously berated those who carried Margaret Thatcher in effigy at the Durham Miners' Gala.