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might become interest in our efforts at Tuskegee if our conditions and needs were presented to him.
In my efforts to get money I have often been surprised at the patience and deep interest of the ministers, who are besieged on every hand and at all hours of the day for help.
The researchers found that parents' effort is more important for a child's educational attainment than the school's effort, which in turn is more important than the child's own effort.
Effort regulation is one of the self-regulatory components associated with achievement (Pintrich et al.
But Preston says the agency already relies more on its improving understanding of mechanistic processes, including epigenetics, and there is a clear effort within the EPA to expand genomics efforts both within the agency and with others with whom the agency works.
One of the most valuable skills a runner can acquire is the ability to internally gauge training effort.
Partnering with Team Ag Ed, the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) and the National Council for Agricultural Education, FFA plans to use Seeds of Hope to fund a sustained, long-term rebuilding effort to put agricultural education programs and FFA chapters back on their feet in the shortest time possible.
Fee Real Estate intends to continue in their efforts to assist in the Relief Effort of Katrina.
Air Force and Navy involvement was desirable, but this initial effort would focus solely on the ground, with the understanding that a converged ground solution would provide a far improved baseline for follow-on air-to-ground interoperability efforts.
The IHI campaign is an effort to get hospitals to fix the problems from within.
Sir Anthony Bamford, JCB chairman, says that earth moving equipment will be of paramount importance in the early stages of the relief effort in helping to remove debris.
This successful advocacy effort required not only advocacy dispositions and knowledge, it also required skills in areas such as communication, collaboration, problem assessment, problem solving, and organization.