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We used stimuli that followed effortful tasks (or less effortful tasks) as IAT target concepts after training on the WTC paradigm.
Nevertheless, the difference of the sociocultural background, the country of origin for the participants of the second generation (as the interviewer was Native Greek), the educational level, as well as the gender, proved to be meaningful differences for the dynamics of the interview, regarding the management of accountability for being effortful or not (Gibson, 2009, 2011; Kesisoglou, Figgou and Dikaiou, 2016) in precarious conditions of work.
This is to say that sad females are more likely to engage in more motivated and effortful processing when dealing with difficult tasks compared to sad males.
Finally, the third factor, effortful control, involves inhibitory control (the ability to inhibit an inappropriate behavior), attentional focusing, low-intensity pleasure (the ability to derive pleasure from low- intensity stimuli), and perceptual sensitivity.
These results agree with previous studies, which reveal that girls have higher scores in effortful control (Sooyeon, Brody & Murry, 2003, Veenstra et al.
Of the 10 dimensions, only the three relating to effortful control were adopted: activity control, attention and inhibitory control.
Second, structural models were tested--sleep problems, effortful control and identified regulation were predictors of the three outcomes in this study--academic performance, disruptive behavior, and substance use.
In general, the C3 1-DOF trials were equally accurate, faster, and tended to be less effortful than C1 and C2.
With the loss of intimacy comes the loss of urgency to absorb the informational knowledge; when the urgency is lost, the motivation for effortful transfer of information decreases greatly.
Making sense of Dai-yu's thoughts thus exemplifies what Peskin and Astington call a "constructive, effortful process where the learner actively reorganizes perceptions and makes inferences"--a process that drives the acquisition of a rich vocabulary, but is not driven by it.
an ongoing process of personal adjustment that enables individuals to maintain their functioning during stressful periods, but also, a specific, deliberate and effortful process of thinking, feeling and behaving to reduce or remove stress (and the associated emotional or physical distress), leading us to maintain our wellbeing and to develop as a person.
Time spent searching for employment typically involves engaging in effortful self-presentation, time management, task management, and emotional regulation.