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In general, the C3 1-DOF trials were equally accurate, faster, and tended to be less effortful than C1 and C2.
With the loss of intimacy comes the loss of urgency to absorb the informational knowledge; when the urgency is lost, the motivation for effortful transfer of information decreases greatly.
Making sense of Dai-yu's thoughts thus exemplifies what Peskin and Astington call a "constructive, effortful process where the learner actively reorganizes perceptions and makes inferences"--a process that drives the acquisition of a rich vocabulary, but is not driven by it.
2009), and DoS tends to refer to more intentional self-regulation, as evidenced by positive associations between DSI-R dimensions and effortful control (Skowron & Dendy, 2004).
System 2 Processes Information in a Conscious, Effortful Manner D.
In essence, when individuals use exemplification to "appear" busy, another self-presentation technique that is effortful (Vohs et al.
All know how to put to good use the professional dancer's ability to seem effortless in the most effortful positions.
Thinking slow" happens when persons rely on "system 2," a more effortful way of thinking that requires concentration and helps more effectively manage complex problem solving, for example.
The Great Lie by Myrrha Stanford-Smith Gradually the resilient young muscles began to respond and he could make himself smile at Toby's effortful jokes and was rewarded by seeing the strain leave his friend's eyes.
Northend (1859) saw learning as effortful and held that students could be "incited to effort" (p.
The examples used to construct MC items or word problems (WP) were drawn either from topics close to the typical college student such as grades, partying, relationships, life after graduation (meant to establish a sense of familiarity and easier processing of the information--labeled easy) or abstract topics from natural and medical sciences, as well as economics (meant to create an emotional distance and require more effortful processing--labeled hard).