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The campaign, directed by Kevin Smith, features comedians and celebrities performing mindless and transitory activities, such as toasting a cheese sandwich or cleaning a hamster cage, to highlight the similar effortlessness that goes into registering to vote.
This time we were playing adversaries but it was no different in the effortlessness of working together.
There's an effortlessness to the Evil Streaks that's just a whole lot of fun to watch, a sense that the band is having a blast up on that stage, and is imminently confident in its music.
But while Flowers' manner, achieving an almost inexplicable mix of louche effortlessness with heartfelt emotion, was hugely endearing, the performance of his colleagues was rather more subdued.
Paired up with Arsene Wenger again at ArsenalHenry has developed into a world class footballer, one who appears to play with an enviable effortlessness.
For Snyder, the joy of motorized scooters is their effortlessness.
LN: But that was the lesson we were taught In our classes on modern art In the late '40s: that nobody "Just did it like that"; that artists had to work hard to achieve the effect of effortlessness.
In matters of technical control, she offered inspired effortlessness.
With such effortlessness, users can surely rely on a smooth overall installation process.
Sanctuary's e-commerce site will convey the effortlessness and sophistication of the brand itself.
Surely, there's an effortlessness to Anderson's smoky, bluesy voice when she sings with Whalebone Farmhouse - which plays its final concert Wednesday at Vincent's - a self-evident joy and sense of soul that belies rather a lot of technical skill - the sort of skill that makes these sorts of blues songs sound easy.
Coolness, like style, grace and elegance - they all fall under the same umbrella of effortlessness - cannot be bought.