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Justin Gatlin set the fastest time, but there was an ominous effortlessness about the way a "sluggish" Usain Bolt progressed through the first round of the men's 100 meters at the Rio Olympics on Saturday.
And he did so with refreshing ease - an effortlessness that not every footballer possesses.
The simplistic decor of the restaurant also adds to the air of effortlessness it aims to achieve.
And who doesn't enjoy the effortlessness of being able to watch your favorite movie 24/7, delivered directly to your computer screen at the click of a button?
They experience a loss of professional stature when having to speak with those who are not only comfor table with the language, but who appear to vaunt the effortlessness with which they bend the language to their will.
The aim is to bring a lot of flexibility and effortlessness in the way people will interact with retail, travel or services, for example.
The variable speed drives unite the consistency, flexibility, and effortlessness of use of the Altivar drives family with proven, validated, and tested drive system designs to offer a perfect solution for the WWW, Oil & Gas, and Irrigation end-user markets.
Advancement in technology has created a lot of ease for humans to perform their tasks in more sophisticated manner and effortlessness.
Blackhat" is the product of a brilliant filmmaker, but it refuses to answer where it exactly stands regarding the effortlessness of theft and corruption facilitated by modern technology.
The effect is engaging and unpretentious music that has a feel of effortlessness, so much so that you don't notice that even the amplifier fuzz hits its mark perfectly.
No set of images can sum up a body of work so astonishing in scope, complexity, and vigor - its memorable scenes come to life with seeming effortlessness, fully realized in the immortal lines and between them.
Our guests' lifestyles demand convenience and effortlessness, which only technology can provide.