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The effort to secure help from the Slater and Peabody Funds brought me into contact with two rare men--men who have had much to do in shaping the policy for the education of the Negro.
It is very largely through this effort and influence that during the last few years the subject of industrial education has assumed the importance that it has, and been placed on its present footing.
Most require some identification of desired outcomes, an analysis of efforts required to achieve those outcomes, and some comparison of desired future operations to current operations.
Most of those writing about resource sharing and cooperative collection development have recognized the absolute centrality of effective delivery to the success of cooperative efforts (Mosher & Pankake, 1983, p.
In general, the efforts exerted by the three groups of agents-parents, school and child affect one another.
Recent and proposed changes also have affected who is heading up efforts to address homelessness in the city and county.
Effort regulation is one of the self-regulatory components associated with achievement (Pintrich et al.
As part of its efforts, the society launched a journal, Epigenetics, in January 2006 with the goal of covering a full spectrum of epigenetic considerations--medical, nutritional, psychological, behavioral--in any organism.
One of the most valuable skills a runner can acquire is the ability to internally gauge training effort.
NCBA and its state affiliates are coordinating efforts to help make that happen.
After learning that the students at Purchase College were organizing a concert and silent auction on September 9 to generate proceeds for relief efforts, Julia B.
What had traditionally been lacking in terms of advocacy efforts with policymakers was a clear dialogue within the community on the true impact of this disease.