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Robert Miles, 'The 1790s: The Effulgence of Gothic', in The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction (2002), pp.
YHWH's body and the radiant effulgence enveloping it are called Kdbod.
effulgence of feathers for miles, and beyond that, Everglades.
This notwithstanding--and perhaps precisely owing to it--Sarka and Tabor, for instance, issue forth with a forcible expression, From Bohemian Fields and Groves with effulgence, and the sometimes overly elegiac Vysehrad with a natural and completely unencumbered hymnic quality.
Like many developing countries, India would like to see the General Assembly strengthened as the primary intergovernmental legislative body, which it is not yet; it has become too often a rhetorical forum, prone to declaratory effulgence without effect, rather than one that acts as a legislative body driving the action of the UN organization.
Of the four Judith Howarth's passionate effulgence towered supreme (she was even more awesome in the earlier Te Deum of Dvor[sz]k), while tenor Adrian Thompson brought to his authentic-sounding Slavonic tone and delivery all the energy of a terrier shaking a rat.
Mughal emperors appropriated the divine effulgence metaphor from their Timurid ancestors.
Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings.
While she is an alluring figure on stage, moving with enviable ease and grace, it is the effulgence of her distinctive soprano that makes the portrayal outstanding.
Looking back I can see that there was a rich seam amongst the 'e's with effrontery, effete, epicene, effulgence and (quite nearby) grummet all featuring in one section.
The woman from whose ripped-open body a bloody infant emerges (looking both like a monster and like the innocent fetus in the scenes toward the end of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey) stares at a framed amalgam of Bierstadt's Yosemite paintings on the wall, serenely radiating its effulgence.
All reverently though I deem of thee, Though scarce of earth the homage that I pay, Forgive, if 'mid this fond idolatry A voice of human sympathy find way; And whisper that while Truth's and Science' ray With such serene effulgence o'er thee shone, There yet were moments when thy mortal day Was dark with clouds by secret sorrow thrown, Some lingering dream of youth--some lost beloved one.