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Rather, in Burtynsky's Oil--albeit relegated to the rear--Corcoran Gallery of Art photography curator Paul Roth effuses about subject matter, while in University of British Columbia Professor William E.
In the series "Bab Al Khaleq", Suzan , also patron of the arts and sports back home in Syria , co-stars with classic Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz of whom she effuses: "He enchanted me with his profound performance.
Thanks to her infallible California-cool style and years of swanning down the red carpet in couture, Jessica is a favourite among a host of exclusive designers, including Narciso Rodriguez - who describes her as an "extraordinary beauty with style of her own" - Alber Elbaz and Donatella Versace, who effuses: "She has a perfect body, sexy with curves.
Christine effuses, "Our marriage would be fun--we'd hang out, we'd eat, we'd pee in front of each other ...
"Kevin has a certain amazing quality of being compelling," effuses Laurence, who plays Detective Sergeant James Hathaway.
Rogers effuses, "I can give [Lincoln] to you any way you want, cold or hot, jazz or classical.
She's Singing O Long Night, which comes in two versions, effuses of romanticism.
"The governor will be unveiling a historical marker along with Barbara [Gittings] on July 4," effuses longtime activist and community leader Mark Segal.
"It is a stunning experience to reread this fiction--mostly written when he was in his early twenties--and to realize how very golden this golden boy was," she effuses. "The image of the unhappy middle-aged clown dissolves....
He effuses about his wardrobe of designer clothes and name-drops endlessly.
Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler, aka Over the Rhine and the two magicians behind the soulful music of the new double-disc Ohio, continue to experiment with genres, ranging from the sensual "Lifelong Fling" to the honky-tonk number "Show Me." "Long Lost Brother" effuses true humanity: "Thought that we'd be further along by now ...