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This singular but sure magnetic condition, the result mainly of animal robustness, (through which the moral nature of course effuses,) is, we cannot too often repeat, the result of the health of the whole being, from top to toe--all must be sound, without exception--and then the stronger the tone of health, the mightier will be the stream of magnetic influence evolved.
She's Singing O Long Night, which comes in two versions, effuses of romanticism.
The governor will be unveiling a historical marker along with Barbara [Gittings] on July 4," effuses longtime activist and community leader Mark Segal.
It is a stunning experience to reread this fiction--mostly written when he was in his early twenties--and to realize how very golden this golden boy was," she effuses.
He effuses about his wardrobe of designer clothes and name-drops endlessly.
Long Lost Brother" effuses true humanity: "Thought that we'd be further along by now .
I view this as being the most exciting company in the most exciting business in the world," he effuses.
Dan Stodola, a master brewer at Ybor and another industry devotee, effuses about the fine art of brewing.
It's graphically beautiful,' the London designer effuses.
He effuses a calm and unpretentious expertise in his craft that is striking - ascribing it to generations of Bussolini coffee blenders.
One company that produces lesson plans for corporations effuses about the benefits of advertising to kids in school: "Let Lifetime Learning Systems bring your message to the classroom, where young people are forming attitudes that will last a lifetime.