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Each piece effuses a sense of wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept of seeking beauty in imperfection.
They are just so expressive and uninhibited," she effuses.
14) Effuses Dower, the Occupation's success owed itself precisely to the planner's zeal: "What made the occupation of Japan a success was two years or so of genuine reformist idealism before U.
Expending stupendous energy in butterfly strokes, she effuses sparkling spirituality.
15 shows that if heating equipment is installed in the typical 10 cm height above the floor, cold air effuses below the air heater and the draught zone forms.
Kevin has a certain amazing quality of being compelling," effuses Laurence, who plays Detective Sergeant James Hathaway.
She's Singing O Long Night, which comes in two versions, effuses of romanticism.
The governor will be unveiling a historical marker along with Barbara [Gittings] on July 4," effuses longtime activist and community leader Mark Segal.
He effuses about his wardrobe of designer clothes and name-drops endlessly.
Long Lost Brother" effuses true humanity: "Thought that we'd be further along by now .