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Hydrogen is rejected from the solidifying to the liquid stages and then to the atmosphere but the RPT depends on the gas bubbles to be manifested in the sample rather than being effused off.
Its small staff is simply wonderful; some time ago a national magazine consultant effused over its loyalty, dedication and pride, noting that the staff was producing more pages per person than on any other magazine he had ever encountered.
Far from being confusing or misleading to gay and lesbian Catholics, they effused sanity and love to a population so in need of both.
Finally, the merciful rays of dawn effused enough light into the woods for me to detect any movement.
Georges and Daniel Daou effused, "Karen, congratulations on 5 years with DAOU
At the time of its unveiling, in December 2013, Nasser Bin Ali Al Mawlawi, president of Ashghal, said that the Sharq Crossing would be considered as the most technologically advanced building and complex programmes to be undertaken by Ashghal: "While providing an important new artery to Doha's existing road network, the Sharq Crossing will be instantly recognisable across the world and is certain to be an epic landmark for Qatar," he effused.
Condemning international inaction against terrorism and violence in various regions across the world, he said: "History will one day reveal how strange the silence of the international community is, along with its establishments and organizations, while in some parts of this world, the blood of innocent people is effused, others were driven away from their land, and their rights were subject to abuse.
What energy and aura," my friend Jayati from California effused.
LPS effused in the lateral ventricle after injection lead to the development of inflammatory reaction, microglia activation, the high expression of IL-1[alpha], IL-1[beta] and TNFa mRNA, the hyperphosphorylation of tau protein, and the decrease of synaptophysin, all of these probably due to the p38 MAPK hyperphosphorylation, leading to that apoptosis appears peripheral zone around the hippocampal, not in the central region which fully contains hyperphosphorylated tau protein (Dalrymple 2002).
Next she captivated the audience with Gopalakrishna Bharati's composition Sabhapati veru daivam samanamaguma that effused a gamaka-laden rendition.
The Cypriot banking system collapsed in 2012 since its banks were loaded with Greek sovereign debt and German Chancellor Merkel effused to authorize a ECB/EU bailout due to the island's reputation as a destination for Russian capital flight.
But many of us who had the chance to meet him still recall the warmth he effused toward all human beings whom he came across.