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As these units are usually installed at 10 cm height above the floor (mounted on the stalks), cold air effuses below the air heaters and still it causes draught in the occupied zone.
When it comes to accent, Catherine Zeta Jones may have developed an occasional transatlantic drawl but generally effuses in that 'fantaaastic' Swansea dialect just like Joanna.
Long Lost Brother" effuses true humanity: "Thought that we'd be further along by now .
Because this is the premier recognition event for growing businesses, it serves to bring together community leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the state," Lloyd effuses.
Though Lapworth effuses about Naden's intelligence, he is careful to stress that "[s]he was always womanly" (Hughes, p.
Coach Moore effuses, "We have a family reunion about every day around here.
He's the perfect partner,'' effuses ``Scorpion'' co-star Hunt.
I view this as being the most exciting company in the most exciting business in the world," he effuses.