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We're exporting something of our culture," effuses Nancy Light of the Wine Institute, an industry trade group that's divided some $10 million in federal money among California wine groups since the marketing program began.
I'm so excited that ONE is able to shine a light on beach volleyball, and these aspiring and inspiring girls and young women," effuses Erin.
We are curating their responses into a performance that takes the form of a dance party, DJ and all," Valdez effuses.
It was a fantastic experience," effuses Morales, "Guillermo loved how we'd got into the feminine psyche and helped us sharpen the tension.
Too often students write off college because they think they won't get in, can't afford it, or just don't want to go," effuses the state's education commissioner, David P.
And we're told that, "The quartet effuses vitality, all the while infusing their damaged melodies with casual charm.
Sharon Gersten Luckman, executive director of the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, effuses over their support, which began with touting assistance in 1979.
To have a character speak through a song--I think I found my niche," she effuses.
The anecdotes continued to flow thick and fast, fuelled by the easy-going ambience that effuses through the place.
He effuses that confident swagger of the best actionmovie leads.