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Chest CT (August 30, 2016) demonstrated a mass in posterior mediastinum with moderate pericardial effusion and bilateral pleural effusion [Figure 1]d.
There are multiple causes of lymphocytic predominant pleural effusion other than TB such as malignancy and connective tissue diseases.
The high sensitivity and specificity of ADA for an early diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion is promising.
Boundaries of a consolidated lung segment are defined by the pleural line, the adjacent aerated lung, and any effusion that may be present.
If a patient presents with these non-specific GI symptoms along with raised INR and low haemoglobin in postoperative follow up, significant pericardial effusion should be excluded.
Clinical examination and chest X-ray disclosed a significant right pleural effusion (Fig.
In cases where signs and symptoms of patients were consistent with acute bacterial infections and more than 50% of white blood cell was extracted from pleural fluid sample was PMN, the diagnosis of parapneumonic effusion applied.
All patients with pleural effusion who were admitted and fulfilling the inclusion criteria were included in the study.
As the volume of an effusion increases, its appearance on imaging (1) becomes more evident (Table 2).
Echocardiography demonstrated a large pericardial effusion (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)) with collapse of the right atrium and ventricle as well as classical hemodynamic changes, typical of tamponade.
Based on the history and audiology alone, it appeared to be simply a middle ear effusion.
Pericardial effusion in hypothyroidism is mainly due to increased capillary permeability.