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Encouraging students to use varied and moderated modal auxiliaries to avoid emotional effusiveness is an important, yet neglected, skill.
But what I'm saying is not the effusiveness of friendship.
The Catauro is a manifesto for lexicographic liminality, betwixt Academic pusillanimity and Creole effusiveness, between insular uniqueness and maritime flux.
Both heroines, then, have a large streak of sensibility, yet seem to lack complementary virtues which can temper their delicacy and effusiveness.
Russo Bullaro demonstrates well the extremesin Wertmuller film criticism, which range from the American effusiveness of a Simon and a Bachmann to the Italian reception which, at best, is lukewarm or downright negative, as is Micicchc's scathing assessment.
If Mailer stylistically emulates Hemingway in certain ways, stylistically he has become the anti-Hemingway, notorious for his Byzantine effusiveness.
From these citations I conclude that the ending verses, by contrast, have not given way to effusiveness and excess, but mark a more controlled presentation of emotion.
As Heidegger points out, for Nietzsche, as opposed to Wagner, "rapture means the most glorious victory of form" (88)--it delimits what form can "mean" in our attunement; so, Heidegger says, "the word has a sound and sense utterly opposed to Wagner's" formless, gushing effusiveness, which Nietzsche came to despise.
The effusiveness with which he expands on Caraccioli's sentences, however, suggests a certain fascination with this new social reality.
Realism, he writes, is the sworn enemy of hackneyed phrases and sham effusiveness (I: II).
This economy of expression is barely comprehensible alongside contemporary effusiveness.
30) The effusiveness of Uefa's response to the G14/ECA deal is telling.