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2000) found that identity diffusion was negatively associated with both ego strength of fidelity and identity achievement as Erikson's theory suggests.
Given that those with stronger "egos" should respond better to the same treatments, Barron developed the Barron Ego Strength Scale (BESS) in 1953 to measure "ego strength": an individual's overall "adaptability" and "personal resourcefulness" (1953b, p.
a--(tm) Greg Savage of Firebrand describing the necessity of ego: "Successful recruiters need both ego drive and ego strength -- they are competitive, resilient and tenacious.
The sample was non-probabilistic and was integrated by 162 students of both sexes of the careers of Psychology, Nursing, and Security, Health and Environment, to whom the Ego Strength Scale, corresponding to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, was applied.
Differential Effects of Hypnosis, Biofeedback Training, and Trophotropic Responses on Anxiety, Ego Strength, and Locus of Control.
The ego strength of Hope emerges from the first stage of psychosocial development (Trust vs.
all scenarios, 43 percent of the variation in piracy intention is explained by variation in affordability, attitude towards piracy, perceived behavioural control, personal normative beliefs and ego strength.
When we believe, as most of us have been taught, that the difference between ourselves and our patients is ego strength (rather than "damn good luck," as my colleague Thorana Nelson says), we already have moved away from them and are less able to understand fully their experience.