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The highly formal nature of liturgy, like the autonomy of egocentric speech, protects the participants against the risks of interaction at moments of vulnerability.
For example, the authors considered it unlikely that observers use visual angles to estimate distance, but their analyses of the optic array apparently were limited to two types of visual angles (those subtended by egocentric and exocentric lengths).
But any notion of rationality relevant to egocentric evaluation cannot guarantee reliability or likelihood, and hence is ill-suited to serve as a condition of knowledge.
The results suggest that egocentric behaviour in children may not be a function of an inability to know "fair" from "unfair," but is instead due to an immature prefrontal cortex that does not support altruistic behavior when faced with a situation that has a strong self-serving incentive.
But the Internet's ability to filter information instantaneously makes the sifting process so much more effective that we are in danger of transforming ourselves into a society of egocentric techno-tribalists, Sunstein warns.
Tiborocity" is a monument not just to Kalman's work, but to his mission as a rogue "imagineer"--and a rambunctious, unabashedly egocentric, contrary icono-clast, not to mention a successful anticapitalist.
the ambitious African-American gay lawyer), Basil Henderson (the incredibly sexy, egocentric, and tragically fragile bisexual ex-pro football player), Trent Walters (Raymond's life partner), Nicole Springer (Raymond's last heterosexual love, now married to his best friend, Jared Stovall), and even Raymond's parents are all connected like strands on a spider's web.
Three generic FORs can be defined for users interacting with a 3D environment: (a) For this experiment, the egocentric FOR is an immersed perspective, presenting the user the viewpoint of being inside the VE.
Denzel Washington is mesmeric here as egocentric and possibly corrupt LA vice cop Alonzo Harris.
Scientists believe that the findings can be attributed to how alcohol affects two types of memory: one that is egocentric, providing a visual 'snapshot' of an event, and another that stores a mental representation of the context of the event, which is independent of the person's viewpoint.
Saeger's portrait is much closer to the former view and paints a picture of Solano Lopez as a flawed and egocentric character who vastly overestimated his capabilities as a military leader and ruled over his country with a heavy hand until his militarism brought ruin to his countrymen and, ultimately, to himself.
As Sir, David Key's stylish performance contains all the traits associated with an egocentric actor faced with diminishing days on the boards.