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Furthermore, willingness to pay above the 45[degrees] line (where your payoff is higher than mine) is lower than 1 by convexity and egocentricity.
Eliphaz talks to the poet, condemned to necessary egocentricity to outwit limitation.
That officer asked another with psychological training about this phenomenon, but in the end it was put down to egocentricity.
Decreased egocentricity allowed her to take risks that fostered the creation of a positive identity, the formation of a supportive peer group, and reduction in her sense of isolation and uniqueness.
As Supervisory Manager he worked with them on their scripts, encouraging them to go further, developing gags and routines: a fine example of the communal art of Hollywood's great period, and to my mind a further reason for preferring them to Chaplin, who wrote and directed his own films apparently without help or interference, hence with no checks on his egocentricity.
To please him, she is tempted to become unethical, though constantly frustrated because of his egocentricity.
The mutual reception (and loose opposition) of Neptune and the Sun explain his delusional egocentricity and expose a domineering attitude that will ultimately lead to his downfall.
Egocentricity is manifested in exchanges of anecdotal and monological types (see Daniel et al.
A mind cleared of false emotion and false sentiment and egocentricity," O'Connor says, "is going to have at least those roadblocks removed from its path" (Mystery and Manners 84).
Children, based on their natural egocentricity, tend to believe that they could have changed the course of events (Fry, 1995).
The reverse progression of the usage in Dutch/German and Russian root infinitives (the former from nonmodal to modal, the latter from modal to nonmodal), noted in Section 2, predicts a rise of the percentage of topic-drop for the Dutch/German case and a fall of topic-drop for Russian, if we set aside other intervening factors as growing utterance length, overall decrease of the request/wish function, detachment from egocentricity, etc.
Egocentricity results in the accumulation of karma and emphasizes separateness, which in turn inhibits union with the Brahman.