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Far from being a mere argumentative technique, DCT presupposes (and develops) relational competencies of three kinds: a relation to self, sensitivity to others, and social involvement--which we can associate with the epistemological perspectives of Egocentricity (self), Relativism (others), and Intersubjectivity (social) --the second competency (sensitivity to others) being more demanding than the first, and the third (social involvement) more demanding than the second.
Spanish men also obtained noteworthy scores on the Grandiosity Scale, where high scores reflected egocentricity, excessive self-confidence, and narcissism.
Egocentricity implies that my willingness to pay to increase someone else's payoff is less than 1 when our payoffs are equal.
Although Lina struggles with letting go of her ego and what she calls "mi deificacion," she is slowly enlightened about the need to lose her egocentricity (Pardo Bazan 281-282).
The results are an increase in egocentricity and a reduction in empathy (Psychological Science, vol 17, p 1068).
The psychopath's egocentricity and need for power and control are the perfect ingredients for a lifetime of antisocial and criminal activity.
His arrest for insulting Stalin in a letter in 1945 began the process of shattering his arrogance, his complacency, his egocentricity and his dogmatic passion for Marxism-Leninism.
Walking in beauty is a state from which vibrant communities can develop because it begins with a perception from the center of ourselves, which is not a place of self-centered egocentricity but instead a place of allocentrism and unitary experience.
welling inside me like molten lava below the cap of a volcano than because I believed it will do any good, I sounded by horn and was - naturally in this age of egocentricity and rudeness - subjected to descriptive hand gestures and colourful language.
10) Each enlargement is a kind of displacement "upward" and "outward" in the sense that the subject is moving from the egocentricity of perception and satisfaction (objects and values as centered on the self) and into the realm of the intelligible, the true, the worthwhile that calls the subject beyond herself.
There are no names, so there's no Western egocentricity about who made them," he said.
A pleasingly enjoyable read, the well-structured stories lure the reader in with Moore's acute social observations and wit, and, even though some of the flashbacks verge on egocentricity, it can be forgiven because they are so fascinating and humorous.