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Egocentrism, event frequency, and comparative optimism: When what happens frequently is "more likely to happen to me.
Egocentrism (self-centered) supports the view that only human beings are morally significant organisms and have direct moral standing.
Finally, it could be related to teacher learning egocentrism and teachers having difficulty understanding why such an 'easy' concept would be difficult to master.
The growth in maturity of children towards adulthood can be viewed as a gradual declining disposition of egocentrism (Gardner, 1981).
explains that the egocentrism of the illustrated man relies on believing that he is on a superior stage of human development.
Arendt finds this to be a dark celebration of 'nationalist egocentrism and the confidence of one's righteousness'.
Victory typically makes the victors smug and the defeated embittered, both of which are forms of narrow egocentrism and confusion, which cannot be the basis of long-term goods.
Now, when I am full of fear, which can't be avoided, I try, though I don't always succeed, to break its stridency by breaking my egocentrism.
Enrique Dussel traces all Third World problems to the egocentrism of the West.
The moral and economic crisis we are going through must act as an opportunity for permanent exemption from the devastating effects of rot and corruption, individualism and egocentrism.