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EGO. I, myself. This term is used in forming genealogical tables, to represent the person who is the object of inquiry.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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His very obstinacy and egoism now enabled him, blind, comparatively poor, and the representative of a lost cause, to maintain his proud and patient dignity in the midst of the triumph of all that was most hateful to him, and, as he believed, to God.
We try to believe that the egoism within us would have easily been melted, and that it was only the narrowness of our knowledge which hemmed in our generosity, our awe, our human piety, and hindered them from submerging our hard indifference to the sensations and emotions of our fellows.
Thornbury, sweet but trivial in her maternal egoism; Mrs.
The Democratic community remains confined to "narrow political egoism" that does not meet the demands of the stage, the party believes.
When I speak of ethical egoism, I have in mind what I have dubbed "classical" egoism or individualism, which is the view that the morally good life is one that advances the flourishing of the agent as the human being her or she is.
Egoism holds that one is entitled to what one has earned.
Stanishev pointed out also that when national egoism prevails, everyone loses.
There are three attributes of ethical climate which are benevolence, egoism and principle (Victor et al., 1993).
He said Imran Khan's politics had been ended now due to his stubbornness and politics of egoism and vengeance.
I will here defend ethical egoism or what I like to call the moral theory of benign selfishness.