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We try to believe that the egoism within us would have easily been melted, and that it was only the narrowness of our knowledge which hemmed in our generosity, our awe, our human piety, and hindered them from submerging our hard indifference to the sensations and emotions of our fellows.
The first piece by Helen Cullyer concerns the view that 'Smith's version of Rand's ethics actually suggests two quite different and incompatible models of egoism that I [Cullyer] term the "rational maximize" model and the "rational nonmaximizer" model' (113).
He focused Lebanese Christian attention on the need of winning over egoism and cheap narrow-interests.
Oussama Gholmieh MD, Impact Proximity, on why the fight for the social media space is a matter of egoism and understanding it
Of course this is not about "Art;" it is about egoism.
This study focuses on the relationship between age and ethical judgment in business situations in Japan and in contrast to existing studies, several ethical perspectives (justice, egoism, and utilitarianism) will be employed to explore the relationship between age and ethical judgment.
Fasting and abstinence not only bring certain benefits to our physical well-being, they are, for Christians, primarily a means of mortifying our egoism, avoiding sin, and opening our hearts to the Love of God and our fellow man.
But even the fact that it's all for charity can't quite excuse the rampant egoism on the loose here.
ALTHOUGH large numbers of staff have lost, or about to lose, their council jobs, Coun Whitby and his cabinet are full of egoism in still producing the costly Forward magazine which very few people read.
Resolving the Sahara issue is an easy thing if we deal with it objectively, beyond egoism or Soviet Marxism old-fashioned ideas," the book said.
Civic Union leader Girts Valdis Kristovskis, in his speech, gave his assessment of the political situation in Latvia: "Twenty years since renewal of independence, we are faced with bitterness and despair, the ideals of the reawakening have been annihilated by the cynicism of political parties, the selfish interests of certain groups, egoism and alienation.
Jan Narveson (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Waterloo, Ontario) presents This Is Ethical Theory, a straightforward analysis of ethics and moral theory that covers perspectives including utilitarianism, natural law, egoism, virtue ethics, moral relativism, intuitionism, emotivism, prescriptivism, and more.