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EGO. I, myself. This term is used in forming genealogical tables, to represent the person who is the object of inquiry.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Cynicism typically manifests itself in scornful remarks, such as "Yes, he appears generous, but he is really just trying to butter her up the better to bed her down!" Now, just as an egoist need not be an egotist, and an egotist need not be an egoist, so an egoist need not be a cynic, and a cynic need not be an egoist.
(9) Although Marsden stayed true to the main goals of the women's movement--gender equality and the vote--she also moved further into the intellectual avant-garde as the editor of three successive journals, The Freewoman (1911-12), The New Freewoman (1912-14) and The Egoist (1914-15).
But to answer the question of why an egoist would ever want to help people who genuinely cannot support themselves, we need only consider the alternatives--of which there are two: A person can either help the helpless or not help them.
was serving as literary editor of the Egoist. Lowell's book treats E.
I blame the recent Channel 4 documentary The Mad World Of Donald Trump - which showcased the illustrious past of the infamous US egoist, squillionaire and wannabe Most Powerful Man in the Free World - along with Sky News' rolling coverage of the Iowa Caucus presidential nominations to which I found myself glued all last week.
By various strategies it is alleged to fall outside the pale of ethically relevant theories, though what the defining conditions of admissible theories might be is often unmentioned or, if mentioned, indecisive or prejudicial; it is also sometimes thought to be inherently self-defeating or self-contradictory since the rational egoist cannot promote his doctrine among other men, though why he must or ought to do so or why the defensibility of egoism needs to be taken up only by egoists is ignored.
Moreover, even though the egoist leaders of Janata Parivar parties may accept Mulayam as their leader for the time being, the SP chief himself knows that he will become too weak after the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections," Chaturvedi added.
This paper suggests that we understand Aristotle's notion of nobility (to kalon) as what is morally praiseworthy, arguing that nobility is not to be understood impartially, that Aristotle is an egoist at the level of justification (though not at the level of motivation), and that he uses the idea of the noble as a bridge between self-interest and moral virtue.
You'll still have a healthy, individuated sense of self, but you're not an egoist.
I'm no egoist and this title is not my aim - I'd rather win everything with Bayern all over again and then win the World Cup.
ISLAMABAD -- Senate heated up on Wednesday session, over interior minister's alleged "egoist and marshal" behaviour, prompting PPP's Maulana Bakhsh Chandio to burst "are you a minister or a school master?"