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The third type egoistic suicide, stemming from excessive individualism is rarely applicable.
EVERY Muslim, having a strong faith, should resolutely act against the egoistic power" - Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban supreme leader.
Respectfully, Holy Father, one can think of no martyr-saint more ill-at-ease or intellectually remote from the egoistic, flabby character of today's statesmen than Thomas More, made so by their odd partnering'.
Perhaps the most intriguing pages of the book are devoted to Sufi statements regarding the human soul or self (nafs), the seat of egoistic drives and the theater of self-assertion.
Although Ricoeur claims that appropriation of a text "implies a moment of dispossession of the egoistic and narcissistic ego" (Interpretation 94), Hurston's preacher cannot surrender himself completely to the glorious self-giving envisioned at the end of his sermon.
Ironically, he joins social historian David Aers in warning against literary criticism that might lead to 'a monumentally egoistic and finally tedious projection of our own being onto every other human product, however alien' (p.
Cilla Black must be the most egoistic person in show business.
My disagreement is with the contention that this conclusion follows from egoistic premises.
This Marcos takes time to write to a 13-year-old boy in Baja California, exhorting him to "cultivate the powerful tree of a love that is a cleansing and healing wind, not a small egoistic love, but the grand one, the one that improves us and makes us grow," and reminding him, "Dignity, Miguel, is the only thing that must never be lost .
As Durkheim defined them, both anomie and egoism resulted from the collapse of traditional restraints and, thus, their incidence could be used as an index for social pathology: the rate of anomic suicide measured alienation, while the rate of egoistic measured the decline of self-restraint.
Rubbishing the reports that he was egoistic, Uddhav said that he called up Modi and congratulated him on the BJP's performance.