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EGO. I, myself. This term is used in forming genealogical tables, to represent the person who is the object of inquiry.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Tactical patronage is a means not only for consolidating power in ways that allow patrons to increase or maintain their scope of power or influence but for transforming his or her latent, private, egoistical intention into a visible, public, altruistic good or service.
Following this path, the term "bankocracy" has appeared in the context of banks geffing transformed into institutions with huge revenues, too complacent in the opinion of the whole society, and criticized for: too large receipts, excessive profits, too high fees, excessive egoistical conservatism, excessive aggressiveness, too large dimensions, lack of kindness towards smaller customers, lack of interest in human issues, too expanded bureaucracy, detachment from real social needs, and too elegant headquarters.
Human beings are seen as egoistical, self-seeking and largely self-reliant creatures.
Meanwhile, 72.3 percent of those surveyed find the supporters of other parties "arrogant," 78.8 percent find them "egoistical," 79.3 percent think that they are "a threat to the country," 79.6 percent find other parties' supporters to be "brutal" and 78.3 percent "two-faced."
(25) If the foregoing is right, de re moral motivation is (or includes) the motivation to be moderately altruistic and/or to reduce suffering (and conversely, a de re motivation to do the wrong thing would be a motivation to be egoistical and/ or to increase suffering).
This is where the error inherent in the cold, self-interested and egoistical system known as "national interest" emerges.
The egoistical selfishness devastates any hope of deliverance for Marcher, transmuting him from the hunter to the hunted.
By creating new contingencies for a new Prospero in her time, she had a main focus: just to represent a comic reality in which characters undergo lots of metamorphic processes, but in fact little change is obtained within their structure, or in other words the price is too dear for those like Narcissistic and egoistical Arrowby who confuse art to life, by committing a moral error.
"The GDL is taking Deutsche Bahn customers hostage for egoistical reasons to get more power," said BDA president Ingo Kramer.
The division of labour that people actually experience is nevertheless forced, egoistical, anomic and riddled with individual despair and conflict and this has become increasingly so in recent years with significant economic recession and ongoing austerity.
She could not help feeling monstrously piqued by her brother's egoistical demeanour.