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If public gifts are calculable, or egoistically given in order to compliment the donor themselves, then such patronage could be defined as an incentive system through which gifts are nothing but a strategic currency with which donors can "purchase" their philanthropic activities and responses to them.
He took this decision in spite of serious reservations of the US military, which egoistically insisted that it had the will and capacity to turn sure defeat into victory.
By analyzing the structures of these algorithms such as MMSE and WMMSE, it is noticed that these algorithms always egoistically maximize the rate for data streams of desired signal by increasing the power of transmitted and these does not altruistically suppress the interference to other undesired receivers.
The world is also brutal, which compels states to act egoistically to preserve their own independence and sovereignty ('the world of self-help') (Baylis, 2008: 29-30; Kapstein, 1992: 2).
Negotiation processes and outcomes in prosocially and egoistically motivated groups.
So, when I look at the world, my vision is split between what I see egoistically as an actor and what I see that is mediated by the "outside," the place of knowledge.
They found that, when deciding on the degree of punishment for an egoistically as well as for an altruistically motivated offender, subjects ranging from elementary school age to young adulthood as well as from different moral levels integrated personal and societal risks according to an averaging model.
To make the issue clear: could our subjects have acted more egoistically in the lab than they would have in the voting booth because they knew no one would starve or go homeless as a result of their behavior?
The giving [sharing] is for me a necessary evil in order to get something out of it, egoistically, basically.
All the while, such experience is less directly open, with respect to the experience of liberty, to understanding that transcendence itself is the source of its own self-transcending --evil being presumptuously understood for the most part as autonomous in its own force or dereliction, egoistically closed to every ulterior truth.
133), is that, while Smith does not deny the possibility of egoistically motivated behaviour, what he does deny is 'that people can and do sometimes act according to ego alone, because [.
Individuals who are egoistically motivated are less likely to sacrifice in general, in turn preventing them from obtaining such benefits.