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EGO. I, myself. This term is used in forming genealogical tables, to represent the person who is the object of inquiry.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The gap, that blank space, stands between the individual characters (trapped in their time and circumstances) and the egoless, enraptured moment of the sky's beauty, simplicity, and peace.
"It" inhabits a different world entirely--a world that is egoless, timeless, directionless, purposeless, and anxiety-free, in which there is nothing but free and easy wandering, a world that is beyond good and evil, beauty and ugliness.
Johnson argues that we ought to nurture forms of encounter that deploy "epistemological humility and egoless listening." He sees this epistemic humility as morally obligatory in relationship to everyone that we encounter.
Carter explains that for Tanabe, the process of repentance that leads to the resurrection of one as an egoless being is not "a onetime act, for we must practice death [to the old self] and resurrection [rebirth as a new, true self] over and over again" (80).
(6-12) One can say that only egoless, sensitive and receptive senses are required for the poem's perception.
She draws on information from conversations with two other coaches to explain the foundation of the egoless coach, the benefits of this approach and group coaching, and the importance of understanding the role of coaching and its boundaries.
It's as egoless a statement as you're likely to find in popular music, but one that gives the album a touch of universality ...
He becomes an egoless cog in the capitalist machinery: "I haven't got any allegiance, any responsibilities, any hatreds, any worries, any prejudices, any passion.
A woman has to be beautiful, forgiving, caring, loving, selfless and egoless.the list is endless.
The end of education lies in transforming the individual and elevating him to an egoless state.