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And if you ask me, we need a diversity of political hacks and self-financing egomaniacs in state elections.
Futureland assaults them with Pluse, a drug developed to offer escapism at the risk of brain collapse; common ground, the poor-house of the future, located underground where misery rules; MacroSoft, the mega-corporation that has become a powerful nation lead by the egomaniac Dr.
If some egomaniac set out to have his cloned child reared so as to reproduce his own personality, or if bereaved parents had their dead child cloned (apparently not an uncommon aspiration, according to an article by Margaret Talbot in the February 4 New York Times Magazine) and tried to raise the new child as a copy of the one they lost, it would be a terrible infringement on the child's autonomy.
It is not surprising that Garrison's case never got off the ground, given that the CIA and the FBI collaborated with friendly members of the news media to label the district attorney as a publicity-seeking egomaniac.
The audience at this particular screening seemed to consist mainly of art-world types - I know this because several of us continued on to the same dinner party after the movie - and they all needed to get something off their chest: the equally loved and loathed Schnabel, a man with as large a reputation for being a loudmouth egomaniac as for his esthetic attainment, had managed to pull it off.
Since you already know the answer, here's a better question: If Prince is as much of an egomaniac as people claim, then why did he hand over his own movie to Morris Day?
Susanna Reid gets to work alongside a co-host who isn't an egomaniac this autumn because Save Money: Good Food is back on our screens.
Come on How could he ever think that a ranting, nonsensespouting egomaniac, with zero political experience, who never tires of extolling his own brilliance, fudges reality with ludicrous boasts, avoids dealing in facts, has a shady financial position, allegations of massive debt, loves the limelight and shouldn't be trusted with his Twitter password, never mind a country's national security, could become the leader of the most powerful country in the free world?
The one that really took the pee was the PS210 this egomaniac pygmy spent on postcard-sized portraits of himself, which he says are for his fans.
no wonder the deluded egomaniac called himself 'Dr Savile'.
The band can still write a catchy chorus in songs such as Egomaniac and When The Stars Start To Shine, while Phil Oakey's rich vocals resonate on the verses of Sky.
It's true that the girls' team, of which she was an anonymous member, descended into a catty rabble as the egomaniac contestants lost the plot in their bid to design a money-spinning beach accessory.