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You, Ghek, are an example of the egotism of which I spoke.
Even through his great egotism was filtering a suspicion that they patronized him; perhaps even pitied him.
Just so long as it was there he would have it--and there was shown the egotism of the fighting man, though Turan did not see it, nor Tara who came from a long line of fighting men; but Ghek might have smiled had he known how.
"Monsieur," replied Athos, sternly, "do not be unjust and senseless in your egotism, or your grief, whichever you please to call it.
A tremendous Egotism, manifesting itself in your case in the form of jealousy, is as fearful a fiend as ever stole into the human heart.
It is tainted with egotism. It is apt to become morbid.
"You have grounds for your egotism, as I have for my love.
They are miserable little egotisms, like all the other little humans, fluttering their May-fly life- dance of an hour.
Therefore, the leaders in Tiv land should hurriedly do something to address the rapid growing detestation, cupidity and egotism in the land to thwart the seeming extinction of the Tiv race in the near future.
Since the last celebrity series in 2009, it's fair to say the civilian version of The Apprentice has veered even more towards showcasing the stupidity and egotism of the contestants.
Even now I struggle to swim in a pool: I'm breathing and looking for the boat or the next headland" Ross Edgley on swimming in a pool after swimming around Great Britain "Quite how the country that effectively pioneered the railways revolution in the early 19th century and therefore rightly earned an esteemed global reputation has slumped to providing a service that is akin to a national disgrace is simply baffling" Broadcaster Nick Ferrari "Shyness is just egotism out of its depth" Actress Penelope Keith "The girl-next-door image is a sort of joke; for years, I couldn't get any roles other than as somebody dark" Actress Felicity Kendal
Among specific topics are Eastern and Western perspectives on positive psychology: how "ME + WE = US" might bridge the gap, living well at every stage of life, wisdom and courage: characteristics of the wise and the brave, empathy and egotism: portals to altruism and gratitude, and preventing the bad and promoting the good.