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I do not dare offer to share my apartments with you, as I shared yours at Rome -- I, who do not profess egotism, but am yet egotist par excellence; for, except myself, these rooms would not hold a shadow more, unless that shadow were feminine."
"There, what egotists men all are: all, all egotists!
All persons chronically diseased are egotists, whether the disease be of the mind or body; whether it be sin, sorrow, or merely the more tolerable calamity of some endless pain, or mischief among the cords of mortal life.
His mum says: "I cannot bear the thought that the very next day his future could radically change because some privileged egotist, made PM by less than one per cent of the country, wants to play a game of chicken with our lives."
After Bercow ruled MPs could not vote again on the EU divorce deal unless it was substantially changed, newspapers labelled him the "Brexit Destroyer" and a "preening egotist" bent on stopping Britain leaving.
Leith loves limelight PRUE Leith has said she is an 'egotist' and loves the attention she now gets as one of the stars of The Great British Bake Off.
Chesterton argued that the egotist is the exact opposite of the dogmatist.
Instead, he will be remembered as a mercenary egotist who gladly sold himself to a despot because of a narcissistic need to always hog the spotlight.
And not that he's a rampant egotist or anything, but the nine items are all about Lord Shuggs himself.
As with much of life the above perceptions of both players are rather simplistic, and while Ronaldo definitely suffers from the notion that he is an arrogant egotist, there can be no doubting his ability with the ball at feet.
Filled with tales of synchronistic experiences, harrowing close calls, and life-changing medicine journeys, Encounters with Power expresses a shamanic worldview in which the spider in your bag of toiletries is a manifestation of your fears, and the annoying egotist in your life is there to help accelerate your spiritual growth.
Many do not like either candidate, seeing Donald Trump as an egotist and liar and not trusting Hillary Clinton.