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I did not know that Rahul Gandhi could become so egotistic that he will not appear on the polling day.
Chat show maestro Michael Parkinson - oh, how we miss his inimitable, laid-back, 'no plugs for egotistic stars' style
Not for any egotistic intentions, but just to let everybody know what he thinks about the stink that's in his backyard.
Unfortunately, this state of affairs owes primarily to the egotistic behaviour of one man - the prime minister.
Annas was the corrupt and egotistic high priest who had an axe to grind, since it was his corrupt 'business' in the temple that was affected by Christ's cleansing of the temple.
The greatest differences were found in the scales 5 - egotistic - (t [30] = -4.02 p = < .05) and 7 - conforming - (t [30] = -3.00 p = < .05), where the studied group showed lower scores, and BB- substance abuse proneness - (t [30] = 2.27 p = < .05), where they showed higher scores.
England's most senior player was ready to stand at short leg for Moeen Ali, like the most junior pro, and take the blows -- the finest and least egotistic of team men until he called it an end.
We will reap the results of their acute egotistic shortsightedness for decades to come.
Beyond Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales's egotistic decision to sack Lopetegui for agreeing a deal to become Real Madrid's next manager after the tournament, huge flaws were laid bare.
First, I used a values orientation scale by de Groot and Steg (2007b), which is a shortened version of Schwartz's values scale, focusing on values dimensions shown to be associated with environmentalism (altruistic, biospheric, egotistic).
Any egotistic or inflexible approach on the part of the U.S.
The top leadership of PTI is reputed to suffer from egotistic conflicts, which have obstructed evolution of linkages with low level party cadres, so essential for feedback, resolution of issues and comfort levels.