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It has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervour, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation.
He was in one of those moments of egotistical, exclusive, supreme, enjoyment when the artist beholds nothing in the world but art, and the world in art.
Vain and egotistical, supple and proud, libertine and gourmand, grasping from the pressure of debt, discreet as a tomb out of which nought issues to contradict the epitaph intended for the passer's eye, bold and fearless when soliciting, good-natured and witty in all acceptations of the word, a timely jester, full of tact, knowing how to compromise others by a glance or a nudge, shrinking from no mudhole, but gracefully leaping it, intrepid Voltairean, yet punctual at mass if a fashionable company could be met in Saint Thomas Aquinas,--such a man as this secretary- general resembled, in one way or another, all the mediocrities who form the kernel of the political world.
I don't wish to say anything that might appear egotistical, gentlemen, but I'm very glad, for your own sakes, that you came to me; that's all.
Such occasions can often be vexed affairs if the person you're working alongside turns out to be an egotistical kn**.
The egotistical, arrogant child in Trump really came out when he threw into question whether he will even accept the election result.
I hated the pompous, condescending, egotistical attitudes of people who thought they were better than others.
This stance is apparent throughout all areas of the council's governance, from West Midlands Combined Authority proposals, egotistical capital spending schemes that benefit no-one, planning decisions and including their redefinition of the word 'consultation'.
The Monty Python star, 74, who has been married four times, said his mother Muriel had "utterly egotistical impulses" and he lacked any affection for her during his childhood.
From what I remember of Super Mario when he was last in the Premiership he is nothing but an egotistical attention-seeker.
EPISODES BBC2 10pm Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc wants his carefree, egotistical character in Sean and Beverly's sitcom Pucks to be killed off because he's got a better job offer elsewhere.
He also said that the new narcissistic egotistical personality of his does not make him want to buy his albums.