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I do not dare offer to share my apartments with you, as I shared yours at Rome -- I, who do not profess egotism, but am yet egotist par excellence; for, except myself, these rooms would not hold a shadow more, unless that shadow were feminine.
Every Welsh MEP voted with the rest of the Parliament for this filibustering group of egotists.
This piled the pressure on the 24-year-old and while there was drama and tears, she gradually upped her game and showed she had the character to keep the usual bunch of Apprentice egotists in line.
THE Celebrity Big Brother housemates are portrayed as self-centred egotists but I hear they are all looking after the vulnerable Alicia Douvall, even asking producers to lower the heating in case she melts.
Actors sending themselves up as loopy egotists is not only dull, it also means we never care when their characters get strangled, bludgeoned and even set on fire.
in some ways, I think Mark has got a point when he says that however good you imagine [the crossover], it would be almost better in your imagination than it would be if the two grand old egotists actually met.
All their good work and aspirations were thrown out the window by two egotists.
Unfortunately, egotists become so addicted they fail to see the connection between their domineering management style and the growth of sycophants.
Group members rated the most narcissistic leaders as most effective, but actually the groups led by the biggest egotists never chose the best candidate.
Sadly, egotists like Barton will always create unwanted headlines - so long as they are the headlines, they are happy.
The mothers - because it's predominantly the mothers who moan - kicking up a fuss over parking are the same egotists who drive around with those stupid "Princess On Board" stickers in their cars.
The dire assembly of cynics, egotists, users, losers, forked-tongues and frauds that is the House of Commons will just be shaken up and down will come a different collection of cynics, egotists, users, losers, forked-tongues and frauds.