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A committee then reviews those materials, and if it decides that the allegation has merit, both the reporting fellow and the one accused of egregious testimony are invited to a hearing, where they may be represented by attorneys if they wish.
22) Consequently, only the most egregious infliction of injuries that are not, in any way, justified by legitimate interests of the government will support claims of due process violations.
Writing for the majority, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said, "While egregious misconduct is evidence of the requisite mental state, [sections] 1981(a) does not limit plaintiffs to this form of evidence, and the section does not require a showing of egregious or outrageous discrimination independent of the employer's state of mind.
At its most effective, "public repentance" was used sparingly and for egregious sins.
For example, drug utilization in Case 1 is inappropriate but not egregious, so my decision to give a deficiency would depend greatly on how the DON and charge nurse respond to my concerns.
The heart of Brownlow's book is the edited text of A Declaration of Egregious Popish Impostures, which makes for lively reading.
What was the most egregious fraud--in terms of dollars--you've prosecuted?
The prosecutor was willing to level serious charges against Schalk for what he deemed egregious behavior even though he had previously acknowledged Schalk's right to protect his property.
Although the practice was never common and may have been overblown in some media accounts, "Other egregious forms of child labor are unfortunately widespread," reports Global Exchange.
The most egregious aspect of the incident, however, was the attitude of the Israeli authorities.
The story then takes two peculiar but not unsatisfactory twists: Ruth can see the results of both future and geographically removed events in the photo, so she knows when anyone in the image is endangered; and Maddy's rape is treated with historically correct but now politically egregious victim-blaming.