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25) Colonel Williams and his fellow panel members' assumption regarding Private Slovik's punishment lends credence to the prevailing notion in the military in 1944 that desertion, or failure to execute your duties before the enemy as ordered, would not be met with capital punishment, regardless of the egregiousness of the facts, a notion that Private Slovik appears to have relied on to his detriment.
Sorenson and Handy, along with their defenders, either don't understand the egregiousness of the offense or are trying to deflect blame - probably the latter, considering the number of times Judge Michael Gillespie faulted the commissioners' credibility in his 44-page ruling.
This record-setting settlement reflects the egregiousness of Goldman's conduct and should serve as a powerful deterrent," said Lorin Reisner, deputy director of the SEC enforcement division.
Sadly, for 114,500 individual children, more than 50 percent of whom are age 8 or older, (2) the egregiousness of their abuse, neglect or abandonment demanded not only intensive court involvement and the resulting maze of child welfare systems and professionals, but also legally removed parent from child and child from home.
More often than not, if a jury finds that the specific act or acts of medical malpractice are so egregious as to border being wilful, wanton, reckless and/or so irresponsible behavior that jury will respond in kind with awards of damages which reflect the egregiousness of the conduct which resulted in the catastrophic injury or death of a victim of medical malpractice.
A quick look at the guidelines for media coverage of crisis situations proves the egregiousness of the media violations,'' the PSA study said, citing Bob Steele's ''Guidelines for Covering Hostage-Taking Crises, Prison Uprisings, Terrorist Actions.
Hopefully, they received sanctions corresponding to the egregiousness of their conduct
There is no standard in existing international law for determining when a violation achieves a level of egregiousness sufficient to justify the imposition of personal accountability.
1994) ("punitive damages must reflect the egregiousness of the defendant's conduct, the central role he played in the abuses, and the international condemnation with which these abuses are viewed.
Under Steadman, several issues should be considered, including (1) the egregiousness of the respondent's actions, (2) the isolated or recurrent nature of the infraction, (3) the degree of scienter involved, (4) the sincerity of the respondent's assurances against future violations, (5) the respondent's recognition of the wrongful nature of its conduct and (6) the likelihood of future violations.
Absent entirely from The Times, now and always, is an emphasis on the egregiousness of Israeli crimes, its ability to commit them with impunity, the unconscionable Gaza siege, and 42 years of oppressive military occupation and state terror against millions of Palestinian civilians.
The Connecticut Supreme Court decided that "the defendant's conduct in administering Rocephin to the decedent and subsequently refusing to treat or to readmit the decedent does not meet the high threshold of egregiousness necessary to fall within the gross negligence exception" (Boone v.