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Halonen, "The gamma interferon (IFN-[gamma])-inducible GTP-binding protein IGTP is necessary for Toxoplasma vacuolar disruption and induces parasite egression in IFN-[gamma]-stimulated astrocytes," Infection and Immunity, vol.
According to an AACN (2005) white paper, "Egression from academic life is the major reason for the loss of younger faculty members" (p.
Again Venus can just be seen in the upper let of the solar disk on the way out and any chance of iming the internal egression and possibly capturing the 'Black Drop Effect' had gone.
Estimating Taylor-type rules: An unbalanced egression. Prepared for presentation at the 3rd Annual Conference in Econometrics: Econometric Analysis of Financial Time Series, held at Baton Rouge
They can migrate horizontally, by bending, or vertically by egression or extrusion in order to find an opposing contact.