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When the spectacled eider was first listed as threatened, the best estimate of its global population was only 50,000.
Some wise eider law attorneys already practice self-defense by requiring clients to sign forms acknowledging Medicaid's risks and the option of purchasing private LTC insurance.
55 kilogram composite sample of distinctly different kimberlite lithologies from 3 of the drill holes along the margin of King Eider.
The European Commission has decided to refer Finland to the Court of Justice of the EU for illegal spring hunting of male eiders in the province of land.
The eider duck is also known as the Cuddy duck after St Cuthbert, who ruled that no-one should disturb them.
I am reliably informed by my department that St Cuthbert is recorded to have established protection laws - the very first wildlife protection laws we had in this country - for Northumberland's eiders as early as 676.
Only six of the 18 Eider starters completed last year, so to say you need to look for a horse who can stay is pretty much stating the obvious.
six-year-old has won the Eider in its 65-year history 4No of the last 14 winners have been priced 11-1 or shorter 5Eleven I have made it known to Byrne that I am available for hire.
Following his success in the Eider, Mysteree finished second on his final start last season in the Midlands National at Uttoxeter.
Maybe just over the last the Eider started to take its toll on him.
Four common eider carcasses recovered from Great Island were submitted to the US Geological Survey's National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC; Madison, WI, USA) for cause-of-death determination.
Between 1998 and 2014, recurrent mortality events were reported in the Dresser's subspecies of the common eider (Somateria mollissima dresseri) on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, near Wellfleet Harbor.