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In our attempt to develop a model based on potential parallels and homologous types of perceptual phenomena in the fields of neurology, anomalous psychology, etc, we may then now add to the capacities for eidetic imagery and subitizing, that of hyperacuity.
Such a meta-categorical view on Reality, as presented above, is in eidetic and twice-aprioristic contrast to the pseudosynthetic, inter-subjective, commutative logism of a thing "A" being arbitrarily, conditionally given as "A and non-A" at the same time by way of a homogenizing, "modernizing", "newly introduced" human interaction-type superficially (beyond just artificially!) prevalent in today's society.
to find their way on to the page without regard for the consciousness of anyone present." The Arranger would, like Hal, test at "Whatever's Beyond Eidetic": it "enjoys a seemingly total recall for exact forms of words used hundreds of pages earlier, a recall that implies not an operation of memory but an access such as ours to a printed book, in which pages can be turned to and fro" (Kenner, Ulysses 64-65).
His eidetic memory delivers dates and names at such a pace that it seems, at times, rehearsed, and at other times simply overwhelming.
'eidetic' modes consciousness brings to perception.
Alweiss observes that the fictional basis of the world leads Husserl to turn the "fiction" of the world into an absolute eidetic science: so long as the problem of the world is maintained, human knowledge has to acknowledge its inadequacy, the world of things has primacy over the lived pre-theoretical world (we have pre-theoretical experience of the world), and "to be" means not to be-in-the-world but to have-a-world and to have-a-body.
Suffice here to recall the eidetic force of his descriptions, the ever-surprising originality and justness of his similes and metaphors, the light-handed shading of narration into meditation and vice versa, the exquisite handling of iteratio, variation, and praeteritio, the three figures of speech that have come to be a sort of trademark of his style.
King and Maxwell, both formerly with the Secret Service, are on their way to meet King's friend and mentor Ted Bergin, a lawyer who wants to hire them as investigators to help him fight the case of Edgar Roy, who has an eidetic memory and is America's foremost intelligence analyst.
Two methodological principles or definitions which have become central to phenomenology of religion are epoche and eidetic vision.
Digging up your precious (beautifully ambiguous word, that 'precious') eidetic images to divert and avoid.
Perhaps if I had an eidetic memory, capable of retaining perfect images after a single glance ...
Rather, morality is discovered through an analysis of the world around us, which reveals the "eidetic" structure of morality in the world itself.