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In elaborating upon the above allusions, we shall also introduce a post-Kantian four-fold universal logic (not to be confused with four-fold Buddhist logic or that which is associated with non-relativistic, semantics-based process philosophy) associated with an eidetically qualified kind of noncomposite consciousness, which enables us to epistemologically generalize and elucidate the metaphysics (logical interior) of the so far sound-enough theory of Reflexive Monism (i.
This is simply a prelude to an amiable over-all description of the four-fold Suchness of Reality and its self-qualified primal noumena, which is not attributable to simple, eidetically unqualified "bi-dimensional" entities (whose common qualification is solely based on "this" and "other", "yes" and "no", or at most "yes and/or no").
4 Beyond Kant, phenomenology, and reflexivity: a fourfold, eidetically qualified universal logic with asymmetric, anholonomic categorical connection

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