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There are drugs that tighten the bladder muscles might help send the ejaculated sperms in right direction.
In a US observational study conducted according to the DSM-IV criteria, it was found that more than half of the men with PE ejaculated within 2 minutes, over a fifth of the men in one minute, while more than a third of the men did so in 2-5 minutes.
While female bodies have ejaculated throughout history, female ejaculation was not what Alain Badiou terms a truth-event and Lacan calls a discourse, "a social bond, founded in language" (XX 21), until it was enunciated in multiple sites of queer feminist discourse that collectively and retrospectively rendered obsolete the hegemonic markings of the female body as submissive to the pleasures and desires of the male body.
He said after reaching near the wreckage they can tell whether pilot has ejaculated safely.
Mammalian ejaculated spermatozoa are highly differentiated terminal cells with extremely compact nuclei and haploid genomes.
The next highest group were patients seeking ICSI with ejaculated sperm.
A IF your boyfriend has ejaculated close to your vagina there is a slim chance his semen has seeped inside your underwear - so you COULD be pregnant.
WASHINGTON -- Children who were conceived from surgically retrieved sperm had no greater risk of cognitive and behavioral problems than did those conceived from ejaculated sperm, according to a study of 3-year follow up data from 874 children.
These nine papers address classic issues in cell apoptosis from the last few years, including the pro-and anti-apoptotic role of ubiquinone, cytochemical and apoptotic markers of tissue remodeling, chemical messengers as male germ cell apoptosis inducers, apoptosis in human ejaculated spermatozoa, reactive oxygen species-mediated apoptosis, photoinduced apaptosis by photosensitizer drugs, apoptosis during pregnancy and a paper that takes the position that snake-like chromatin is not a form of apoptosis.
The men ejaculated daily for a week and the samples were compared with ejaculation after three days' abstinence.
Causing sperm to be ejaculated means sure death to millions of sperm and should not be tolerated except for the sole purpose of being used for procreation.
Once a man has ejaculated, on this short cycle he may want to release it again the next day.