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The degree of contamination of the diluted ejaculates was visually classified from 1 to 5, and the type of contaminant was recorded (urates and/or erythrocytes).
The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported in December 2014 on a French study that analyzed the biochemical makeup of female ejaculate fluid.
In view of the paucity of currently available information on the semen quality of ejaculates after very short abstinence intervals, the effect of four repeated ejaculations was evaluated on the same day at two-hour interval each on conventional semen parameters according to WHO 2010 guidelines.
Sperm morphology was assessed based on the results of the microscopic analysis of preparations made from the samples of all collected ejaculates.
Ejaculates of boars with AFE from 23 to 27 weeks had the highest VOL but with the lowest qualitative properties.
Furthermore, if the complete ejaculate was not collected during ejaculation, a sticker is available to indicate this to the technologist.
Contraceptive measures may be abandoned after the men have produced 1 azoospermic or 1 ejaculates with rare (<100 000) immotile spermatozoa.
There can be physical or psychological reasons but as your boyfriend ejaculates sometimes it is more likely to be psychological - possibly an issue of trust or being unable to truly "let go".
Age is also a contributor: Men aged 20-30 years typically ejaculate 4ml, 30-50 years 3.
ALAN, Birmingham A THE medical term is premature ejaculation, Alan, and it occurs when a man ejaculates too soon, sometimes with minimal or no sexual stimulation.
And when we finally get a "money shot," near the end of the film, the blase voyeur character ejaculates directly into the lens of the camera.