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While Bourgeois visually conflates the hysteric's arc-de-cercle (Freud, "Fragment of an Analysis" 98) and the arch of female orgasm, I provide the golden spike that the posthysteric knows is at the root of the arc/arch: the ejaculating female phallus.
An updated draft of Bill AB 640 is not only going to prohibit state-wide performers from ejaculating onto the genitals, mouth or eyes, but would also require employers to provide "barrier protection" eyewear as well, the New York Daily News reported.
A I THINK you probably are ejaculating properly when you are having full sex with your girlfriend.
But lack of use will not be the cause of your problems ejaculating.
One worm tries to fertilize the other by ejaculating anywhere on its partner's body, splashing it with sperm in a cocktail that dissolves flesh.
When hard-core porn came out of the closet in the 1970s, the solution to this dilemma was the (tellingly named) "money shot": a close-up of the ejaculating penis.
They could be heard ejaculating in some distant region.