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While Airbus seems positive about the ejectable flight recorders, Boeing has been more skeptical, citing examples where such black boxes have failed on warplanes.
An ejectable black box would be equipped with an airbag system so it could float on the surface of the water in the event of a crash at sea.
Any mold will make shorts periodically and they need to be ejectable.
Le ministre de l'Education, Neji Jalloul, dont le syndicat de l'enseignement secondaire, soutenu en cela par l'UGTT, demande le depart, a affirme samedi qu'il n'est pas sur un siege ejectable.
Le coach portugais, Jose Romao, le revenant qui est toujours la, risque lui aussi, sa place, car son banc est plus que jamais devenu un siege ejectable.
At the Montreal meeting due to wrap up Thursday, delegates agreed in principal on adding secondary ejectable floatable black boxes on all commercial jetliners, making them easier to retrieve in an air crash at sea.
Montreal/Paris: Airbus has begun talks with a European regulator to make ejectable flight recorders available on its two largest models, the A380 and the new A350, potentially making them the first commercial planes to use the technology.
The Mars Balance Mass Challenge seeks design ideas for small science and technology payloads that could potentially provide dual purpose as ejectable balance masses on spacecraft entering the Martian atmosphere.
The question becomes, how can an ejectable temperature be determined if there are no data in the simulation software (or the back-of-the napkin calculation) that relate the stiffness of the material to temperature?
Cette victoire pourra eviter le limogeage a l'entraineur sfaxien Chiheb Ellili, sur un siege ejectable depuis quelques temps, alors que le club passe par une phase de transition administrative apres l'election d'un nouveau comite directeur conduit par Moncef Khemakhem.
The ejectable black boxes would be in addition to existing commercial flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders that continually record flight information.