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Officials instantly ejected Burfict who was hit with a personal foul from an earlier play that involved Titans DeMarco Murray.
He was ejected with just 2:21 left in the third quarter.
apparently to the doorman who had just ejected him.
Oregon baseball coach George Horton has been suspended for two games and outfielder Scott Heineman has been suspended one game by the Pac-12 Conference after both were ejected in the eighth inning of Oregon's 7-3 loss at USC on Sunday.
Paul Tempest, 26, of Dalton, was one of a handful ejected from the Town end at the Macron Stadium.
The pilot ejected safely when the plane crashed," he said.
The pilot, Flight Lieutenant Taha, ejected safely and was slightly injured.
Without moving or raising the truck bed, the ejector blade pushes material toward the rear of the truck, while the tailgate lowers down and material is completely ejected.
The ions are ejected through an autoresonant energy pumping process using a low amplitude radio frequency (RF) scan.
Is the brass ejected by the firing pin or is there a "willow-the-wisp" I have failed to detect?
It just forces the stub base to be ejected more aggressively.