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The probing behavior of Warbling Vireos involved a combination of pecks and tremble-thrusting movements prior to ejecting cowbird eggs.
On 3 December 2003, the pilot of a Marine Attack Squadron 211 AV-8B Harrier suffered minor injuries after ejecting at MC AS Yuma, Ariz.
B], and in the process is scattered by a wave vector q emerging with energy E' and ejecting an electron of energy [epsilon] from the atom.
A spacecraft has found the first direct evidence that storms generated on the sun squeeze Earth's upper atmosphere, ejecting gases into space.
It allows hard drives to be hot swapped by simply ejecting them and snapping in a new hard drive.
1 -- color) Jim Tracy makes a point to second-base umpire Bill Miller, who got the final word by ejecting the Dodgers' manager.
Biretta of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore cautions that the researchers haven't pinned down the distance to the object ejecting the gas, thought to be a neutron star or black hole that steals matter from a less-dense companion.
Insertion and ejection of media is a push-push type construction where media is pushed into the slot when inserting, and pushed again when ejecting.
3 -- color) A crew member can be seen ejecting from a QF-4 Phantom jet as it crashes at the Point Mugu naval air show on Saturday.
Heathcote of Cerro Tololo conclude that 1987A began ejecting its gas cloud at least 400,000 years before it went supernova.
Cassina's own excessive speed and failure to maintain proper spacing caused him to lock up his front wheel, ejecting him from his own motorcycle.