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However, in Brown-headed Cowbird hosts, identifying which gender ejects has been difficult because most species that eject are not sexually dimorphic (Sealy and Neudorf 1995).
They figure the faster the stub bases eject, the faster they can reload and fire again.
It also ejects at the precise angle and velocity needed to optimize missile guidance and avoid interfering with the aircraft's maneuvers.
Low-level x-rays can detect the presence of chlorine in milliseconds, triggering a computer-timed blast of air to eject vinyl bottles from the feed stream.
Most often, ejectors are used in applications where CF II headers are at the edge of a PCB; however, they also can be used in storage based, internal board mount applications where customers may want to occasionally eject the CF card for service or upgrade.
A study reported last week suggests that during the roughly 10 billion years that these black holes power the brilliant light beacons known as quasars, they also generate high-speed winds that eject an amount of gas equivalent to billions of suns.
When a sunlike star reaches its twilight years, it balloons and then ejects its outer layers, as Gomez' Hamburger has done.
A less tightly bound electron orbiting farther away then falls into the more internal vacancy while the atom ejects a third, "Auger" electron.
The AVEL ejects the AMRAAM missile at velocities sufficient to penetrate the air boundary layer and safely separate the missile from the aircraft prior to rocket motor ignition.