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New Delhi [India] March 01 ( ANI ): Delhi Police has made elaborate security arrangements to maintain law and order during Holi.
Giving an elaborate debunking message, though, had mixed effects.
htm) elaborate  life events that take place in Thailand.
An example of the differences between the speech codes is someone with a restricted speech code may say "I ain't done nothing" whereas someone using an elaborate speech code would say "I haven't done anything".
But he said he was later told to elaborate on the visit to two American journalists on instructions he said he understood to emanate from "the boss" - meaning Mohamed al Fayed.
Elaborate machines, in other words, don't result from sightless modification.
Ashley Russ, a 13-year-old pupil at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School, has been having increasingly elaborate patterns cut into his hair and is currently sporting a design that incorporates his surname on one side of his head.
cases," while "literary dramatizations aim to elaborate the fuller complexities of life" (p.
A 38-page glossary and a detailed index round out this elaborate presentation.
The elaborate facade features a large rose window, elaborate cornices, molded brick work, and Central Gable, along with keyhole-shaped windows that accommodate stained glass.
Large, modern pluralistic societies might develop elaborate means for reducing the incentives for opportunism, requiring borrowers to make large down payments, put up collateral or performance bonds, hold compensating deposits, and so on.